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How should I best reduce overtime for my full time staff?

Should I major in Business Administration?

How might I measure the performance of a business? How may he best determine pricing and markup by evaluating his supply chain from manufacture, import, distribution and consumer sales to the impact upon his bottom line?

Today’s over-use of acronyms inhibits communication and does not portray the speaker as smart just because she can speak in potentially obscure, often unpronounceable letter combinations.

I may be purchasing a business. How soon might I flounder?

Are payments to the IRS shared with the Social Security Administration?

Accounting — A Basic Calculation

With employees such as this one…. She informs us that she is doing a great job, but she can’t make a personal career decision. She implicitly blames others for the company’s potential failure.

Is the marketing of sex, violence, & gambling ethical in various countries?

How much might it cost to start this food distribution business?

Who’s who in our government these days?

Does cost budgeting really matter?

Here is a personnel question which fails to identify product functionality, operational plans, development time-frame, set operational perspective, nor define financial limits, goals, and objectives.

When should a potential supplier provide samples and pay to ship them for the potential customer’s evaluation?

Could there be reasons to avoid & are there benefits for my company to register as LLC?

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